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Acting Language

M. Robinson

Vocabulary that deal with the theatre

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1.tools, weapons, or luggage carried onstage by an individual player
5.to obstruct the view of the audience
8.A character who is in most ways opposite to the main character
11.an acting role with very few lines
13.to improvise stage business or conversation
14.attracting attention from the person to
15.improperly taking attention from an actor
16.the area behind the set or that part of the stage that is not visible to the audience,
19.a distinctive action that serves as a clue to a character's personality
20.the body part or feature used by an actor to lead movements
2.keeping the stage picture balanced during the action
3.the stage command for actors to take their positions at the opening of an act or scene
4.to speak when someone else is speaking
6.the analysis of a character
7.the main characters in a play or the named characters in a musical
9.the scenery for an act or a scene
10.giving an actor the freedom to move over the entire stage area,
11.any specific action performed on the stage.
12.the part of the stage towards the audience
17.the last words, action, or technical effect that immediately precedes any line or business; a stage signal
18.the speed at which an action of a play moves along

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