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1.a clear liquid that is painted onto an oil canvas painting to protect it
6.a preparatory coating put on canvas before painting
7.a type of heavy sticky earth that can be used for making pots, bricks etc
8.a cutting tool used for carving marble or wood
9.an irregular shaped section that can be plastered and painted in one day
13.a cutting tool used for carving wood
15.a heavy, coarse, closely woven fabric of cotton, hemp, or flax, on which a painting, especially an oil painting, is executed
17.a small piece of rubber that you use to remove marks made by drawing materials such as graphite pencils or charcoal, or to achieve a particular effect in drawing, such as smudging
21.paint made of ground pigment mixed with a water-soluble binding medium, usually gum arabic
22.a thin, transparent layer of diluted watercolour paint
23.a method of wall painting in which powdered pigments mixed with a binding medium are applied to dry plaster laid on the wall (2 Words)
25.a chemical substance used to prevent smudging once a drawing or a pastel painting are finished
26.in pastel painting, a technique of rubbing and fusing two or more colours on the support using fingers or various tools such as tortillons, soft hair brushes, putty erasers, and soft bread
2.a file with a curved face used for finishing sculptures formed from hard materials
3.a chemical, such as turpentine or white spirit, used to thin down oil paint applied to canvas
4.glue used to prepare canvas for oil painting
5.an instrument that you use for writing or drawing, consisting of a wooden stick with a thin piece of a black or coloured substance in the middle
10.a frame made from metal or wood used to provide internal support of a modelled sculpture
11.in fresco painting, the final layer of plaster on the wall; the paint is applied to it while the plaster is still wet
12.a flat heavy implement made of glass used to grind pigment against a glass slab, used in making pastels
14.a method of wall painting in which powdered pigments mixed only in water are applied to wet plaster freshly laid on the wall (2 Words)
16.a technique of applying undiluted watercolours, used to create a broken-colour effect (2 Words)
18.a technique of applying parallel strokes of colour with the point of a pastel, usually over an existing layer of pastel colour
19.a piece of a soft natural or artificial substance full of small holes which is used to modify washes of watercolour paint by soaking it up so that areas of pigment are lightened or removed from paper
20.one of the oldest drawing instruments, produced by firing twigs of willow, vine, or other wood at high temperatures in airtight containers
24.a special oven for firing modelled sculptures

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