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Gen, Gend, Gener

Lora Hill

Word Bank
gener, gastr, funct, expedite, linguistics, bilingual, illegible, election, eligible, perjury, jurisdiction, conjoint, junction, trajectory, gratuity, gratitude, degenerative, regenerate, genesis, gastritis, dysfunction, inflexible, circumflex, ethnologist, concentration, erroneous, aberrant, isodynamic, dynamic, tangible, tangent, dormant, dormitory, predominant, indomitable, indignation, encrypt, agnosticism, discernment, certify, corporation, capitulate, augment, innocence, noxious, arbitrary, altruism, inalienable, alternative, acuity, immigration, migratory

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  44             45                 46   47

3.the state of being thankful
7.one who studies a culture/race/nation
9.the science of language
11.to produce or cause to form again
12.to hurry; to speed up the process
15.a gift of money for a service; a tip
16.to be centered together; focusing on one idea
23.not able to take away "_________ rights"
24.root meaning perform
25.a condition of being "without knowledge"
26.that which strays away; not "normal"
27.to write code in
29.to move in; action of moving to a new country
33.being able to distinguish; that which shows perception or judgment
35.not able to bend
36.equality of force
37.a summing up; an action which gets to the "head" of the argument
38.full of error
41.not able to be controlled
43.inflammation of the stomach
44.a state of inactivity
45.the state of being "without harm"
48.regularly moving to another place
49.beginning or birth of something; origin
50.the act or process of selecting by vote
1.legal power to administer the law
2.a group formed to act as a body
3.root meaning stomach
4.the curve that an object takes in space; path
5.speaking two languages
6.joined together
8.to confirm; to make certain
10.breaking down; a decline in quality or strength
13.most common or powerful; before all others
14.an active, forceful state
17.a different choice or option; a choice among others
18.a place to sleep
19.touching; adjacent
21.to make greater
22.performing badly; impaired functioning
28.telling a lie under oath
29.an act that insults; leaves one feeling without worth
30.selfless concern for the other; "faithful to the other"
31.point of joining or meeting
32.related to personal judgment; left to chance
34.to bend around
39.qualified; fit to be chosen
40.not able to read
42.able to be touched
46.root meaning cause, birth, race
47.keenness of vision or perception

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