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Odyssey Background Quest

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6.What person is credited as being the author of The Odyssey?
8.What did the goddess of discord throw in among the goddesses to make them argue? 2 wds
9.What is the title of the story about the Trojan War?
10.During the journey, the hero will return home to the known world more…
12.The greatest Greek warrior
15.A symbol, theme, setting, or character type that recurs so often that it embodies some element of “universal human experience”
17.Who is the ruler of the Olympian gods?
20.Approximately how many years ago was The Odyssey written? 3 wds
21.A larger-than-life figure featured from history or legend
22.What is Achilles’ weak spot?
23.The person who guides and advises the hero
24.Who was Odysseus’s son?
26.god who guided the arrow that killed Achilles
27.Who was the husband of Helen?
28.To begin in the middle of the action in Greek is… 3 wds
29.Caused when Helen went with Paris - 2 wds
31.Who was Odysseus’s wife?
34.An elaborate comparison of unlike subjects
39.A fictional tale that explains the actions of gods or the causes of natural phenomena; has little historical truth and involves supernatural elements
41.Who is the goddess of the hunt?
42.Which of the following is the LAST step in the hero’s journey archetype?
43.Whom did Zeus assign to settle the goddesses’ argument over the item that the goddess of discord threw in among the goddesses?
46.Who was The Face that launched a thousand ships?
47.Who helped raise Achilles?
48.Who is Zeus’s wife?
49.During the journey, the hero will enter _____________ where he will experience a sort of death and rebirth.
50.Who is the goddess of discord?
1.The length of time Odysseus was gone from his home… 2 wds
2.With what did Aphrodite bribe the human assigned to judge the contest among the goddesses? 2 wds
3.What physical handicap did the supposed author of The Odyssey have?
4.Who are Achilles’ parents? 3 wds
5.Stage one of the Hero’s Journey 3 wds
7.What is the story that took place AFTER the Trojan War called?
11.Who was Agamemnon’s oldest daughter whom he sacrificed?
13.Who insulted Artemis?
14.Who won the contest among the goddesses?
16.How long did the Trojan War last? 2 wds
18.In the journey, the hero must cross the______________ to go on his adventure.
19.A hero in Greek myth is often a/an _________ or of _____ birth? 2 wds
25.In the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, what is Chiron hiding (2 wods)
30.The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships is an example of a/an ________.
32.Who was the captured Trojan slave?
33.What form of writing does The Odyssey take?
35.Where did Achilles’ mother dip him when he was a baby?
36.Who are the nine sisters who inspire poets and artists?
37.Odysseus’s city state
38.On the coast of what modern-day country would you find the city of Troy if it still existed?
40.Arrogance before the gods; overwhelming pride
41.Who was born from Zeus’s forehead?
44.During which stage of the Hero’s journey does the hero experience death and rebirth?
45.The captured Trojan slave was whose brother?

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