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Ideas that Inspred American Government

Mrs. Cerbone

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3.theory that the people give up some of their freedom in exchange for protection by the government (2 Words)
9.Dividing the power of government into three parts (3 Words)
10.life, liberty and property (2 Words)
11.Enlightenment philosopher who believe that people had the right to chose who represented them in the government
1.Enlightenment philosopher who argued that people are born with natural rights (2 Words)
2.English document that protect people from cruel and unusual punishment and protected their right to due process (4 Words)
4.A time period in which people began to apply reason to solving the problems of government
5.Locke said that if the government doesn't protect people then they should do this
6.First English document to limit the power of government. Gave people the right to trial by jury (2 Words)
7.In the social contract theory, people give up some of this to be protected by the government
8.Enlightnement philosopher who believed in the separation of powers to limit the power of government

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