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Water Crossword Architect

Adam Beckstead

1 2 3
  6             7  
10 11          
12         13                

4.a high area of land where rain collects
5.an area along a river that forms from sediments deposited when the river overflows its banks
6.a natural feature or physical object is damage caused by the effect of weather
8.the way that water is taken up from the sea, rivers, soil , etc. and then comes back down as rain or snow
9.when water vapor changes into liquid water
11.the boundary between drainage areas that have streams that flow in opposite directions
12.a fan-shaped mass of rock material deposited at the mouth of a stream
13.a river or stream that flows into a larger river or lake
14.when liquid is strained through a filter
15.a fan-shaped mass of rock material deposited by a stream when the slope of the land decreases sharply
1.water that flows away from high areas to low areas
2.the process of changing from a liquid to a gas
3.the process in which material is laid down
7.water that falls from the clouds toward the ground as rain, sleet, hail, or snow
10.the path that a stream follows

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