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Astronomy: Earth-Sun-Moon System

Gary Oakley

Earth Science terminology associated with the exploration and examination of the Earth-Moon-Sun System.

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1.abbreviation for electromagnetic radiation
4.a moon that is increasing in visible surface
9.29.5 days is a sidereal or lunar _?_
10.material hurled out of a lunar crater during impact
13.longest wavelength EMR
15.describes a total solar eclipse when Moon is at apogee, leaving a ring of Sun
18.when Moon blocks Earth's view of Sun, or Earth blocks sunlight from Moon
19.location where Sun is 90 degrees overhead on equinoxes
20.'c' stands for the speed of _?_
22.shape of Moon's orbit around Earth (and Earth around Sun)
25.ground rock covering the lunar surface
26.effect that causes storms to rotate counterclockwise in North
29.telescope type that used an object lens
33.describes moons orbital period that matches its rotational period
34.Moon phase when there is NO moon
35.Sun's maximum height at midday
36.first person to set foot on the moon
38.when the Sun-Earth-Moon align this causes _?_ tides
39.seismic vibration in the lunar surface
41.electromagnetic waves arranged from longest to shortest
42.radio telescopes in New Mexico are collectively the "very large _?_"
44.exactly one rotation of the moon in 27.3 days is a _?_ month
50.farthest point from Earth along Moon's orbit
51.March 21 is the _?_ equinox
52.angle between the sun and horizon
53.noon to noon (24 hr) is a _?_ day
54.unit of frequency
55.2015 is the 25th anniversary of the "_?_ space telescope"
2.Earth's only natural satellite
3.Moon's gravitational pull on Earth's oceans causes _?_
5.moon phase between quarter and full moons is waxing or waning _?_
6.Mars-sized object the may have impacted Earth, forming the Moon
7.when Sun-Earth is perpendicular to Earth-Moon this causes _?_ tides
8.shortest wavelength EMR
9.flat, dark plains on the lunar surface
11.reflectivity of a surface (Moon's is 7%)
12.23.5 degrees N of the equator is the Tropic of _?_
14.lunar surface features formed by impacts
16.telescope type that uses an objective mirror
17.crest to crest distance
18.path the Sun/planets follow through the sky/'heavens'
19.day the hours of daylight and darkness are equal
21.mountainous region on the lunar surface
23.telescopes are placed on mountains to avoid the _?_
24.Curiosity is a space craft that landed on Mars in 2012
27.number of waves per second
28.exactly 1 rotation of Earth is a _?_ day
30.pendulum that demonstrates Earth's rotation
31.day the hours of darkness are longest is the winter _?_
32.part of Moon's shadow that causes a partial solar eclipse as it passes
33.primary mineral forming lunar surface (Si + O)
37.device for viewing distance objects in space
40.season that begins when N. hemisphere leans directly toward Sun
43.lunar valleys, perhaps formed by collapsed lava tubes
45.phase of moon when Earth is between the Sun and Moon
46.closest point to Earth along Moon's orbit
47.2015 is 10th anniversary of launch of Cassini probe that orbits _?_
48.Moon's inner shadow cone that results in total solar eclipse as it passes
49.New Horizons is a probe scheduled to reach _?_ in summer, 2015

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