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The Constitutional Convention

Mrs. Cerbone

Review of the compromises and achievements of the 1787 Constitutional Convention

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1.group who believed that the Constitution needed a Bill of Rights to protect individual rights
4.writings by the federalists to encourage the states to ratify the Constitution
6.means 2 houses
9.amount of states need to ratify or amend the Constitution
10.The main contributor of the Virginia Plan & wrote some of the Federalist Papers, too!
12.compromise in which Congress controls trade & is not allowed to tax exports, slave trade ends in 1808
13.The first 10 amendments to the Constitution
14.Proposed plan that wanted representation in Congress to be based on population
15.word that means 'to change' the Constitution
16.Proposed plan that was similar to the Articles with a one house congress
2.Every slave counted as 3/5 of a person towards determining a state's representation in Congress
3.Under the Articles of Confederation the national government had none of these
5.One of the four reasons why the Constitutional Convention took place
7.Created a two house Congress with an upper house with equal representation & a lower house based on population
8.compromise which decided how the presidented would be elected
11.group who believed that the Constitution of 1787 by itself would limit government

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