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Maths Vocab

Use the clues to complete the crossword

1 2 3 4
5             6 7   8            
10                   11      
13                   14           15  
17       18                    
19                 20 21        
23 24              
27 28               29  
    30     31 32 33
35                       36              
37           38                     39              
40               41                  
42                         43 44
48 49   50      
        51               52    
      54               55      

5.An angle greater than 360
8.Another word for explain. Means back up your answer
9.Two or more lines that meet at a right angle
10.Put all values in order and find the middle value
11.Most common value
13.2 things next to eachother
14.A number that has 2 factors, itself and 1
16.A numerical amount
18.Bottom of a fraction
19.A decimal that repeats itself
22.Number infront of ab algebreic symbol, eg th 5 in 5x
24.A number thats not a multiple of 2
25.When two things have no symmetry
26.Whole numbers
28.A number greater than zero
34.Where Two lines meet
35.Write an expression in its lowest terms
36.A number which is in the times table of another number
37.Angle between 90 and 180 degrees
38.Rounding numbers in a difficult problem to get an approximate answer is an ".............."
39.A list of numbers that follow a pattern
40.Another name for powers
41.A decimal that goes on forever
42.Probability of 0
45.Larger of two numbers take away the smaller of two numbers gives you the "................."
46.A letter representing a number that doesn't change
47.Split an expression into brackets
51.A number less than zero
53.An equation relating two variables
54.A mathematical sentence where one side = the other side
56.The operation that undoes something is the "..............." operation
57.Two lines which will never meet, (always the same distance apart"
58.When a number divieds into another exactly
1.Multiply out brackets
2.An action which when applied to a value gives an output value eg(add, subtract, times, divide)
3.The perimeter of a circle
4.An equation with "x squared" in it
6.A shape where all the sides and angles are the same
7.A name for the amount of numebrs in a number (eg 1428 has four "........")
12.Collection of terms in a mathematical sentence
15.The distance from one edge of a circle to the other passing through the centre
17.How steep a line is
20.A number or variable that forms part of a mathematical expression
21.How data is spread or shared out
23.A decimal that has an end
27.A letter we don't know the value of in an algebreic expression
29.A number thats a multiple of two
30.How likely something is to happen
31.The trend in data
32.Work out the value of something
33.Find the missing value in an equation
41.Where a line crosses an axis
43.One divided by something
44.Top part of a fraction
46.Probability of 1
48.The value of two things multiplied together
49.The value of two or more things added together
50.Angle less than 90 degrees
52.Means the same
55.Add all the values and divide by the number of values

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