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Verbal and Oral Language


Pro. Comm. Chapter 4 Terms

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5.the degree of clarity and distinctness in a person’s speech
6.language that is spoken and heard rather than written and read
7.the standard set for the overall sound of a word
12.language where there are strict standards dictating its use
13.the emotions or feelings with which it is associated
14.language used by the majority of knowledgeable communication within a specific language
17.the act of clearly and distinctly uttering the consonant sounds of a word
19.all the word symbols that make up a particular code or language
1.the observable characteristics of oral language
2.the way the different parts of a language are arranged
3.a word’s objective description or meaning
4.the act of clearly and distinctly uttering the vowel sounds of a word
8.language that does not use expected standards of grammar or mechanics
9.type of language most often used in casual situations and close interpersonal relationships
10.the basic understandings and rules that regulate the use of a language
11.language associated with a particular profession, activity, or field of study
15.either a language that exists only in oral form, or a unique combination of speech sounds that identify speech with a particular group of people
16.a word or phrase used to cover up hesitancy in speech, like “um”, “like”, “you know”
18.a statement or question added to the end of a statement to invite approval

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