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Non Verbal Vocabulary


Pro Comm Non Verbal Ch 5

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1.a movement of any part of the body that reinforces another message or acts as a substitute for speech
6.how loud or soft
7.nonverbal messages we send with our bodies
12.a strong voice and an attentive and positive attitude
13.the rhythmic quality of a person’s speech
14.distance from eighteen inches to four feet from the body, your own space to move freely
15.confident of yourself and your opinions or beliefs and are not afraid to take a stand when necessary
19.the ability to “read” any situation and respond appropriately, they “keep their cool”
20.nonverbal messages do not support the verbal message
21.article of adornment you use to decorate yourself or your surroundings
22.distance four feet to twelve feet from the body
23.is defined as a system of symbolic behaviors that includes all forms of communication except words
24.perceived by others as approachable, friendly, and open
2.a specific vocal quality
3.stands in for a verbal message
4.aka “gait” – the way you walk or move from one place to another
5.nonverbal messages support the verbal message
8.distance up to eighteen inches from your body, communication in this space is very personal
9.we are not usually aware of the messages we send nonverbally
10.distance twelve feet to twenty-five feet from the body
11.how fast or slow a person speaks
16.highness or lowness of sound on a musical scale
17.it depends on the situation in which it occurred
18.open to interpretation and often confusing

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