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1                 2
3   4      
    6         7
  8             9      
12                     13

1.a reaction in which heat energy is released to the surrounding from the reactants
4.the small particle of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction
5.a homologous series of organic compounds containing the functional group OH
6.an alkali is a strong base which is soluble in water
8.which involves with a decrease in oxidation number or gain of electrons
10.chemical elements which are shiny solids and are good conductors of heat and electricity when solids
12.an organic ion with a positive charge on an electron deficient carbon atom
14.which are compound with the same molecules having the same molecular formula, but with the different bonding arrangement.
15.negatively charged particle present in all atoms.
1.a reaction in which heat energy is released to the surroundings from the reactants
2.a reaction process accelerated by the presence of a substance
3.a group of reactive non-menials in group 7 of the periodic table
7.an ion is charged particle formed by the loss or gain of electrons from an atom
9.a reaction which involves with an increase in oxidation number or loss of electrons
11.a pair of separated opposite electrical charges located on a pair of atom within a molecule
13.a substance which neutralizes an acid, producing a salt and water as the only product

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