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FMP 10 Vocab Crossword


Vocab from the 1st 5 chapters

1 2         3    
4   5                   6  
      8   9   10        
        11                       12  
                  13 14    
17                                   18                    
      19                   20      
  23 24                                  
  25             26
29                       30           31        
33                       34                          
    35                     36              

2.a special type of relation where each element in the domain is associated with exactly one element in the range
4.shows how the input goes to the output (2 Words)
7.triangular based pyramid
10.set of the second elements or the output variable
11.length of the adjacent side divided by the length of the hypotenuse (2 Words)
13.top of a pyramid
16.the greatest factor numbers have in common (3 Words)
17.product of its prime factors (2 Words)
18.surface area without the area of the top & bottom included (2 Words)
19.rational and irrational numbers together (2 Words)
21.where the graph crosses the x-axis (2 Words)
24.angle above the horizontal and the line of sight (3 Words)
28.where the graph crosses the y-axis (2 Words)
29.cannot be written as a fraction (2 Words)
33.the height of a triangular face on a pyramid (2 Words)
34.a straight line (2 Words)
35.numbers such as 8, 27, 125, etc... (2 Words)
36.the 2 in a square root or 3 in a cube root
37.on method of verifying that the units in the conversion are correct (2 Words)
38.mathematics that deals with sides & angles of triangles
39.pyramid with a circular base (2 Words)
40.triangular faces and a base (2 Words)
1.a number multiplied by a square root (2 Words)
3.use mathematical reasoning to calculate a length or an angle (2 Words)
4.angle below the horizontal and the line of sight (3 Words)
5.associates the elements of one set with the elements of another set
6.set of the first elements or the input variable
8.length of the opposite side divided by the length of the adjacent side (2 Words)
9.the least multiple that is divisible by each number (3 Words)
10.the square root or cube root sign
12.something in the form of a^2 - b^2 (3 Words)
14.a polynomials that can be written as something times itself (3 Words)
15.length of the opposite side divided by the length of the hypotenuse (2 Words)
20.shows the input variable (2 Words)
22.the number inside a square root
23.inch, foot, yard, mile, used in the US (2 Words)
25.one multiplied by a cube root (2 Words)
26.a soup cone (2 Words)
27.how one variable changes with regards to the other (3 Words)
30.cm, mL, used in Canada (2 Words)
31.a ball
32.a number that multiples by itself three times to give the radicand (2 Words)

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