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To Kill A Mockingbird

Morgan Sears

1 2 3 4
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  7       8
9   10                     11   12
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35               36                    
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43                 44      

5.What is Tom Robinson accused of?
6.Who is Calpurnia's church raising money for? (2 Words)
10.Who threatens Atticus after the trial? (2 Words)
13.What thing of Miss Dubose did Jem destroy?
16.Who did the group of men come to hurt?
17.What did the kids find that resembled them? (2 Words)
19.Verdict in Robinson case.
20.What do Jem's pants get caught on at the Radley's? (2 Words)
21.Who's house was on fire? (2 Words)
24.Who did Scout stand up for the first day?
25.What is Scout for Halloween?
27.Who comes to live with the Finch's? (2 Words)
28.What does Francis call Atticus? (2 Words)
30.Sheriff in Maycomb (2 Words)
32.What does Nathan Radley use to fill the knothole in the tree?
33.Who is under Scout's bed?
35.Miss Dubose addiction.
36."Biggest prize" found in tree. (2 Words)
37.Dead person's spirit that couldn't go to heaven. (2 Words)
39.Who attacks Scout and Jem on there way home? (2 Words)
40.Family who only goes to school the first day.
41.Who does Atticus say the police force should be made of?
42.Narrator of story.
43.Town story is set in.
44.Where do the children find Atticus after he leaves home?
1.Atticus' profession.
2.Animal Scout uses to describe Mr. Ewell
3.What do Jem and Dill use to try and get a note to Boo Radley? (2 Words)
4.A Baptist who believes anything pleasurable is a sin. (2 Words)
7.Old woman's house that they avoid. (2 Words)
8.How did Mr. Ewell die?
9.Who is Mr. Finch defending? (2 Words)
11.Who saves the children and carries Jem home? (2 Words)
12.Second thing Jem and Scout find in the tree.
14.Scout's first grade teacher. (2 Words)
15.Atticus' old nickname (2 Words)
18.First thing Jem and Scout find in the tree. (2 Words)
22.Who was "raped?" (2 Words)
23.How did Jem and Scout's mother die? (2 Words)
24.Institution where "All men are created equal."
26.What does Dolphus Raymond drink?
29.Who is the Finch boy?
31.What does Scout notice was put on her shoulders during the fire?
34.Who is the Finch's cook?
38.What did Boo use to stab his father?
39.What did Atticus shoot? (2 Words)
42.How does Tom Robinson die?

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