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7th Grade Poetic Terms

Name _____________________________________

1   2     3 4
  5 6          
8     9          
11         12            
13   14           15       16        
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    23       24 25        
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37           38   39       40      

1.an expression where the literal meaning of the words is not the meaning of the expression
6."She's as pretty as a picture!"
8.True or False -- Poems always rhyme.
11.One reason people write poetry is to say what they can't say ______________.
12.One reason people write poetry is to express a _________________.
13.a five line poem that contains twenty-two syllables (2-4-6-8-2)
15.the beat created by the sounds of the words in a poem
18.the speaker of the poem or the narrator of the poem
19.a direct comparison of two unlike things
21.type of literature that expresses ideas, feelings, or tells a story in a specific form
25.words that sound alike because they share the same ending vowel or consonant sound
26.when a person, place, thing, or event has meaning in itself, but also represents something else
27.the way the words look on the page
29.a sound or word repeated regularly in a poem
30.poetry that does not have any repeating patterns; a more modern type of poetry
31.One reason people write poetry is to set a ________________.
32."The clouds were crying!"
34.a comparison of two things using like or as
35.type of poem that is nonsense -- the rhyme scheme is AABBA
37.type of poetry that is written in lines & stanzas but does not rhyme
40.the author of a poem
41.type of poem containing letters, usually the first in each line that form a name, motto, or message when read in order
42.language that is not meant to be taken literally
2.One reason people write poetry is to share ______________.
3.a group of words together in a poem
4.a phrase repeated regularly in a poem
5.a Japanese poem written in three lines, usually about nature (5-7-5)
7.language that appeals to the senses
9.a group of lines arranged together in a poem
10."She's a real cow!"
14.imperfect rhyme or close rhyme -- the words share either the same vowel or consonant sound, but not both
16.exaggeration used for emphasis
17."It's raining cats & dogs!"
20.type of poem where the words are arranged to create a picture
22.the pattern of rhyme in a poem that is indicated by letters of the alphabet to represent rhyming sounds
23.consonant sounds repeated at teh beginnings of words
24.when an animal or thing is given human characteristic
28.words that imitate the sounds they are naming
33.type of poem that tells a story
36.the correct way to write a poem is to enclose the title in ________________
38.poetry that pays tribute to a person (usually deceased)
39.One reason peopple write poetry is to tell a __________________.

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