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1 2
  3                         4
  7 8                      
13   14   15 16
19       20     21    
23                               24 25          
28                           29          

3.the power to draft people into the armed forces is a power given to the government to raise an army and navy (2 Words)
5.this amendment requires authorities to have a specific reason to search a premises or to seize evidence or people
6.courts have power to declare laws and actions of Congress and the president unconstitutional (2 Words)
8.the first 10 Amendments of tthe US Constitution (3 Words)
9.this article discusses the legislative branch
10.this group was for the ratification of the US Constitution
12.powers directly stated in the Constitution (2 Words)
17.individuals going out to vote for their representatives, demonstrate this principle of the US Constitution (2 Words)
22.another word for expressed powers
23.the power to levy taxes and to enact and enforce laws are an examples of what type of powers (2 Words)
25.each state has two; they total 100
26.changes to the constitution
27.this article states that the US Constitution is "the Supreme Law of the Land"
28.according to Locke all men are born with these rights (2 Words)
29.this amendment states individuals can bear arms
30.thConventione presiding officer at the Constitutional
1.Another name for the Magna Carta (2 Words)
2.this chamber of Congress is where members are elected based upon the state's population (3 Words)
4.this political philosopher felt tthat life would be nasty, short, brutish without government
7.English philosopher who felt government was based upon a democracy
11.the following powers only belong to the states: establish local gov't systems and administer elections. Name this type of powers. (2 Words)
13.is the institution through which the state maintains social order, provides public services, and enforces decisions that are binding on all people living within the state
14.Charles I called Parliament back into session inn 1628, the representatives forced the king to sign this document which limiited the king's powerr (3 Words)
15.this individual was upset that his commission papers were not delivered which led him not becoming a justice(judge)
16.the branch of government that enforces/executes the laws
18.any system of government in which rule is by the people
19.interprets the laws
20.a plan that provides the rules for governmentt
21.the law-making body
24.the combination of the House and the Senate

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