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Notable Women

Susan Smith

March Women's Month Bellringer Activity

Word Bank
Cleopatra, Julia Childs, Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc, Mae West, Marie Antoinette, Josephine Baker, Madelaine Albright, Elizabeth I, Eleanor Roosevelt, Aretha Franklin, Oprah Winfrey, Conzoleeza Rice, Sandra Day O'Connor, Lady Gaga, Diane Sawyer, Amy Tan, Wilma Rudolph, Meryl Streep, Jane Addams, Pocahontas

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3.TV chef whose culinary skills made her into one of Time magazine's cover stories (2 Words)
5.American actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, and sex symbol whose Hollywood career spanned 7 decades (2 Words)
6.1st female member of the US Supreme Court; raised on an Arizona cattle ranch; earned her B.A. in economics and law degree from Stanford U.; was denied interviews by at least 40 law firms because of her gender (3 Words)
9.Daughter of Powhatan, the top chief of coastal tribes in Virginia; captured by the English during Anglo-Indian fighting in 1613, she was held for ransom; converted to Christianity during captivity and married a colonist changing her name to Rebecca;
13.Czechoslovakian-born U.S. politician and 1st female Secretary of State; fluent in English, French, Russian, Czech and speaks/reads Polish and Serbo-Croatian. (2 Words)
14.Queen of Soul in the 1960's; winner of 18 Grammy awards and No. 9 on the list of the 100 Greatist Artists of All Time (2 Words)
16.America's only black billionaire; grandmother taught her to read before age 3; media mogul, actress, producer, talk show host, philanthropist; born into severe poverty to a single teenage mother; raped at 9, pregnant at 14 (son died in infancy); focuses on literacy, self-improvement, and spirituality. (2 Words)
17.Daughter of English King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Bolyn; ruled England 44 years; her navy defeated the powerful Spanish Armada promoting England to ruler of the seas. (2 Words)
18.Powerful ancient Egyptian pharoah; had a son with Roman Empreror Julius Caesar and twin sons with his general Marc Anthony
19.Kentuckian; TV journalist and ABC World News anchor; mother taught elementary school, dad was a judge; editor-in-chief of her HS newspaper; self-described as insecure and loner as a teenager; 1962-65 American Junior Miss (2 Words)
20.3 time Oscar winner; actress/producer; considered one of top film actors of all time; worked as a typist and waitress while working on her Master's in Fine Arts at Yale (2 Words)
1.The Maid of Orleans; born a peasant who became a patron saint; Franc's heroine in the 100 Years War; burned at the stake at 19 (3 Words)
2.1800's British nursing pioneer during the Crimean War); social reformer; called "The Lady with the Lamp" (2 Words)
3.First world-famous black female entertainer; born in St. Louis in 1906; school dropout at 13 and homeless street urchin; Allies' spy in WWII; Civil Rights activist; fluent in English and French. (2 Words)
4.Famous for her bestsellers which explore mother-daughter relationships; second child of Chinese immigrants; lost her brother and father within 8 months of each other to brain tumors; met her Italian-American husband on a blind date (2 Words)
7.66th Secretary of State; National Security Advisor for President G.W. Bush; member of Phi Beta Kappa Society; began studying French, music, figure skating and ballet at 3; political science professor at Stanford U. graduate school (2 Words)
8.Known for her wild costumes, live performances and music videos; one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in 2010; LGBT rights activist; began piano-playing at 4, wrote her 1st ballad at 13; essayist on art, religion, social issues and politics (2 Words)
10.15th child of Francis 1 Holy Roman Emperor and Maria Theresa of Austria; Queen of King Louis XVI of France; beheaded during the French Revolution (2 Words)
11.Niece of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt; suffered from depression, insecurity, and called herself an ugly duckling; beloved First Lady of FDR by everyone who met her; women's rights and labor activist (2 Words)
12.1960's track and field gold medal Olympics champion; weighed 4.5 lbs at premature birth and was #20 of 22 siblings; overcame infantile paralysis (polio) at 4, but wore a leg and foot brace until age 9 for her twisted leg (2 Words)
15.pioneer activist for issues concerning mothers, needs of children, public health, and world peace; role model for middle class women volunteers; Nobel Prize recipient (1931); at 4, she contracted tuberculosis of the spine preventing her from engaging in usual play with children; limped and called herself ugly; voracious reader who loved Charles Dickens novels (2 Words)

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