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Serpent Tide


A crossword puzzle based on the book series "Serpent Tide"

1 2
3   4 5        
9                 10                
11               12              
13             14 15      
18                 19
  20 21          
22                           23            
  25           26    
28             29                          
33 34             35 36    
38               39                    

5.Maggie's daughter- the quiet twin
6.The object Wesley finds that tells him his true parentage
9.Imogene's sister
10.Where Jack is from
11.Wesley's best friend
12.Maria is deathly afraid of _ _ _ _ _ _ _
13.The author of the series
17.Wesley's fake mom's full name
18.Imogene's second in command
22.The name of the 2nd book in the series
23.The rough-looking man who owns the boat Jack and Maggie use
25.Maggie's daughter- the rowdy twin
28.Wesley's cousin who tricked Jack
29.Wesley's tutor's full name
31.Jack's title - his show's name
32.Amanda's mom
34.The state the ranch is in
37.Wesley's dog
38.The language Wesley and Harrison use that is hand signals
39.The name Amanda calls her spider
1.Ernie's boat
2.Wesley's given name
3.Maggie's twin
4.Wesley's grandma's real first name
7.Imogene's boat
8.Wesley's Grandpa
9.The items hidden in the cave
14.The name of the 3rd book in the series
15.Wesley's tutor's true identity
16.The type of spider Amanda catches
19.Alex's enemy
20.The vehicle Wesley uses to escape in from Imogene
21.Maggie's dog
24.Wesley's horse
26.The name Mrs. Scott asks the kids to call her at the ranch.
27.Wesley's dad's full name
30.The name Maggie uses while with Jack, looking for Wesley
33.Imogene's nickname
35.The pro football player who helps on the ranch
36.Harlan's twin

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