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Advertising Words

Laurie Doles

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1.A line used by the media to advertise a product or action
3.A word, picture or place that stands for something else, especially an idea or emotion like love, courage, fear, etc.
7.A speaking or writing style in which the purpose is to influence someone to act, believe or buy a certain way.
9.A Latin word part, meaning again
10.A Greek word part, meaning against
12.Another word for using great exaggeration in order to sell something or provide humor
14.The process of breaking down a large object or long word into pieces
15.A technique of persuasion that tries to sell something by offering something else people want for free
2.Notices in film or print that try to sell a product
4.An advertising technique that tries to persuade people to do something by saying or implying that "everyone" is doing it
5.A Latin word part, meaning under
6.The use of false information to sell products or ideas
8.A short, catchy song used by the media to advertise a product or action
11.A sometimes hurtful method of grouping all people of the same race, religion, nationality, etc. into one category. It can lead to racism and bullying
13.A Latin word part, meaning city

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