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Static and Current Electricity

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  5       6  
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2.When a battery's terminals are at the same electrical potential, the battery is ___________
4.Like charges do this
5.The neutron is about the same mass as this particle
7.When compared to gravitational forces, electrical forces are much __________________
10.When the distance between 2 charged particles is doubled, the force between becomes ________________
11.The net charge on a current carrying wire
14.Batteries and generators and called _______________________________
17.Electrical resistance generates this
18.Location in an atom where the protons and neutrons are found
19.Causing a material to be electrically charged
21.Metals that when temps are near 0.0K have almost no electrical resistance
24.Current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance
26.The most common conductor in electrical wires
30.Part of the atom that is negatively charged
32.Opposite charges do this
33.The unit for electrical power
34.A device that uses mechanical energy to produce electrical energy
35.When an atom has fewer electrons than electrons, the charge on the atom is
1.Part of the atom that is electrically neutral
3.The unit for electrical current
6.The unit for electrical resistance
8.This particle is about 1/2000 the mass of a proton
9.Materials that hold their electrons tightly
12.Materials that are good conductors
13.This insulator is commonly used as a covering for electrical wires
14.The unit for electrical potential
15.Electricity at rest
16.Materials with loose electrons which can travel freely
20.The mathematical relationship between electrically charged particles and the force between them
22.Behave as insulators in pure form, but conduct well when an impurity is added
23.This prevents excess charge from building up in a circuit
25.When an atom has the same number of electrons as protons, the atom is
27.Part of the atom that is positively charged
28.When an atom has more electrons than electrons, the charge on the atom is
29.Flow of electric charge
31.A device that stores electrical potential

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