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---====Love Songs====---

Ivan Jackman

1 2 3
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8   9                      
  13                   14
  18   19     20   21       22  
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          25 26          

4.Whats My Name? this artist with Drake (7)
5.what kind of melody for the Righteous Brothers (9)
9.Tonight I Celebrate My Love said who and Roberta Flack (5-6)
10.she was "Crazy For You" in 1985 (7)
11.Get Here from this singer in 1990 (5-5)
13.Al Green wanted to stay where in 1971 (8)
15.When A Man Loves A what Percy Sledge (5)
16.the two people John Cougar Mellencamp sang about (4-5)
18.these kind of love songs with Wings in 1976 (5)
21.Have I Told You when Rod Stewart (6)
23.Joe Cocker sure didnt hold back with "You Are So ********* (9)
26.Elvis said "Love Me ****** (6)
27.what kind of love for Steve Winwood (6)
28.is known as Sir ***** **** and sang Your Song in 1970 (5-4)
29.Eric Claptons ********* Tonight (9)
1.Snow Patrol were doing this to cars in 2006 (7)
2.Savage Garden's first #1 song (5-5-6)
3.this kind of love from Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (7)
6.How much did Bryan Adams do in "I Do It For You" (10)
7.Breakthrough US hit for Oasis (9)
8.what kind of figure for George Michael in 1988 (6)
12.Vanessa Williams was Saving The what For Last (4)
14.Anita Baker had this kind of love in 1986 (5)
17.I Got You Babe said who and who (5-4)
18.Taylor Swift song "Love **** (4)
19.by The Cure in 1989 and also covered by Adele (8)
20.the movie with Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On" (7)
22.Time After Time for Cyndi (6)
23.Just The Way You Are singer (5-4)
24.Just Like Starting what John Lennon (4)
25.Aerosmith Didnt Want To Miss A what (5)

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