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Electricity and Magnetism 1

Designer: Farzad Saeidi

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1.Another name for a rotor ( a motor that has a coil with an iron core).
4.If the magnet heated above this point, the magnet will be totally destroyed.
6.The force exerted by a magnet on a current-carrying conductor which drives electric motors.
9.The opposite forces that a coil experinces inside the magnetic fields create a ....
10.The device that uses dipoles to rectify the output of an AC generator.
11.It is a small region under a particular magnetic influence so that all its magnets point a particular direction.
2.Phenomena associted with moving electrons producing a magnetic field and changing magnetic field causing electrons to move.
3.The unit of magnetic field intensity.
4.A device that passes current to or from the rotor in an electric motor or generator.
5.Electric currents induced within the body of a conductor when that conductor is subject to changing magnetic field.
7.The bar magnet is often referred to as a magnetic ...
8.A closely wound helix of wire that acts as a magnet when current runs through the wire.

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