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15 Poetry Terms

Miss Cash

Fill in the blanks regarding the definitions of the poetry terms from today's powerpoint presentation.

Word Bank
Alliteration, Couplet, Free, Haiku, Imagery, Lyric, Metaphor, Meter, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Refrain, Rhyme, Simile, Sonnet, Stanza

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5.A poem that contains a specific musical rhythm and whose topic centers on emotion
7.A phrase repeated at specific intervals within a poem
8.A two-line stanza in a poem where the ending words rhyme
9.A three-line poem that has 17 syllables which present two contrasting images
13.A comparison between two unlike things using descriptive words
14.A 14-line poem that has a fixed rhyme scheme
15.The repetition of initial (or beginning) sounds of words in the same line
1.A technique where human characteristics are given to non-human things
2.This is the type of verse in a poem that is arranged with no fixed metric pattern
3.The rhythm in a poem that contains both stressed and unstressed syllables
4.Internal division of a poem that is composed of at least 2 lines
6.Using words that are associated with the sounds of the objects they refer to
10.Vivid descriptions or visual pictures used by authors in poetry
11.A comparison between two unlike things using the words “like” or “as”.
12.This type of scheme is the specific pattern of rhyming words within a poem

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