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Guitar Lingo


Terms learned in guitar

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2.The volume in music
5.Sits between the body and the bridge
7.Lowers the note by one fret
9.Playing with a pick
10.Last name of the composer of "Ode to Joy"
13.Gently rest the palm of the right hand against the strings
15.Playing more than one note at a time
16.Separates the head from the neck
17.Playing with just the fingers of the right hand
18.Direction you move from the body to the head
19.The notes you tune the guitar to, lowest to highest
20.Common 2 note chord
23.Create music as you play
1.To pause or hold a note
3.A chord in which the tones are sounded one at a time
4.Raises the note by one fret
6.The fretboard sits on this
8.Highest string
11.Marked with a "V" above the note or chord
12.Use these to tune the strings
14.Hole under the strings on the body
21.The ending of a song
22.A pre-leaned pattern that you can use as you create new music

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