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Geometry Scope

Shontell Morris

Make use of your massive vocabulary in the crossword puzzle. Your goal is to complete the Geometry Scope Challenge.

  2 3
  4     5
7                               8
11                 12
  14               15    

6.two geometric objects having the same measure
7.a line that divides a figure in half so they each mirror image of each other
9.a three sided poloygon
11.a common endpoint of two sides of a poloygon or an angle
13.the distance around a figure
14.a segment that connects two nonadjacent verticies of a polygon
15.Part of a line that starts at a particular point and extend far in one direction
16.eight sided polygon
17.nine sided poloygon
18.a series of connected line segments that start and end at the same place
1.a line that intersects a given segment at a right angle
2.measures 90 degrees
3.a straight one-dimensional figure extending infinitely in both directions.
4.A set of points on a line consisting of two end points.
5.four sided
8.a figure formed by two line segments or rays
10.seven sides
12.six sides
13.five sided poloygon
14.ten sides

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