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Clay vocabulary & concepts

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1.mixture of clay and water used specifically to adhere multiple surfaces of clay
5.to make something appear more beautiful or ornamental
9.to produce; to develop ideas
10.a rough or unfinished drawing used to aid a finished piece
12.equipment used to heat clay and turn it into a ceramic state
15.a spontaneous opportunity to develop ideas and become a problem solver
16.method of sculpture when a combination of materials are added to original product
20.the quality of design in work made by hand; artistry
22.a product that is design to be practical
24.the action or practice of being focused and committed to an activity
1.to scratch or roughen the surface of 2 clay pieces being joined together
2.pointed tool or writing implement used to score, draw, press, or carve into clay
3.kind of sculpture with a flat back that is visible only from the front or side
4.colorful surface fused to pottery to create a nonporous coating
6.to make something more interesting by adding special details
7.unfired pottery
8.a three dimensional object that possesses height, width, and depth
11.method of sculpture in which materials are removed from original materials
13.to combine or blend clay scraps into one uniform body
14.a set of principles concerned with nature and the appreciation of beauty
17.the process of heating the clay to temperatures exceeding 1700 degree
18.a tactile quality-the feel or appearance of a surface
19.to associate, link, or bring together ideas for the purpose of clear communication or find relationship
21.earthen material made from rock, dirt, minerals that can modeled when wet
23.white, grey mineral with a greasy feel

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