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Greek and Norse Review

Mrs. Stausing

1 2 3 4 5
7 8     9 10 11            
  12 13                           14
17                   18                      
      19 20         21  
  23                 24        
25 26          
27         28  
  29             30 31          
  33 34       35    
  36 37          
38           39   40
41             42        
43 44          

6.daughter of Demeter; carried off by Hades
11.Greek fairy man of the dead
13.City of the giants
15.watch dog of Hades
16.Enemies of the Norse gods
17.halls in Asgard where heros dine
18.a structure created with paths and hidden passes; confined the Minotaur
22.Home of Norse gods
23.deeper division of the underworld; Greek
24.Thor's wife
27.Chief Norse god
29.bridge leading to Asgard
31.God of travel; has winged on his helmet
32.Not a Norse god but hung out with them; trouble followed him
34.River of unbreakable oath
37.magical inscription on wood or metal
38.the most beloved Norse God
41.The centaur who educated Hercules
42.Norse goddess of the kingdom of the dead
44.Goddess of home and hearth; Greek
45.the river of forgetfulness
1.World of the dead; Norse
2.God of fire; Greek
3.Norse god of thunder
4.Day of Doom; Norse
5.God of wine
6.Chained to rock; eagle ate his liver
7.Norse battlefield of men
8.Female hero; known for the Calydonian boar hunt
9.Hated woman and fell in love with his statue
10.Norse tree of life
12.Master musician married to Eurydice
14.She opend up the box
19.Twin of Apollo; goddess of wild things
20.Greek goddess of marriage
21.Where all the dead pass; Greek
25.Zeus turned her into a cow to hide her from Hera
26.Guards the well of wisdom in Norse
28.wife of Odin; mother of Balder
30.Goddess of Night
31.God of the underwords in Greek
33.God of music; twin of Artemis
35.God of shepards; Greek
36.Zeus' father; one of the 13 Titans
37.Zeus' mother; Cronus' wife
39.Norse goddess of love
40.first giant; Norse
43.They were 9 in number; artistic children of Zeus
44.Balder's blind brother

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