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Climate Crossword

A. Shimko

1 2
9                         10

3.Measurement of how hot or cold a place or an object is
6.The number of these changes depending on where on Earth you are, Temperate areas have 4 different ones. They are the direct result of the tilt of the Earth and how much sunlight is received.
7.Belt around the Earth that receives the most direct sunlight
9.What we call rain, sleet, snow and hail
11.Average weather conditions over long periods of time
12.Conditions in the atmosphere right now (raining or sunny, wet or dry, cloudy or clear)
1.This is the sub-type of climate that Charlotte has (not the climate zone we are in)
2.Name of the climate zone where Charlotte is located, most moderate temperatures on Earth (not too hot or too cold)
4.Name of the climate zones at both the northern and southern most parts of the Earth, very cold
5.This factor has the biggest impact on how much sunlight a place receives, it measures how far north or south of the Equator you are
6.This is the energy source for weather, climate, and the water cycle
8.Name of the climate zone that includes the Equator, warmest part of the Earth
10.Name of the climate classification system

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