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4.The distance traveled by a body per unit of time.
6.Force x Displacement in the direction of the force.
9.The rate of change of velocity with respect to time.
10.Electrical device used to store charge and energy in the electrical field.
11.Unit of potential difference, equivalent to joule/coulomb.
13.S.I. unit for power; equivalent to joule/sec.
14.The gravitational attraction at the surface of a planet or other celestial body.
16.When the frequency of an external force matches the natural frequency of the body then the body oscillates with large amplitude.
17.The bouncing back of a wave from a boundary.
19.The unit of work and energy
20.The central, positively charged, dense portion of an atom.
21.Unit of resistance
1.The property of a body to resist a change in its state of rest or of uniform motion.
2.Distance traveled by a body in a particular direction per unit time or the displacement of the body per unit time.
3.A back and forth motion that repeats itself.
5.An object which after being given an initial velocity is allowed to fall under the effect of gravity alone.
7.A part of a longitudinal wave in which the density of the particles of the med is less than the normal density.
8.The bending of light from its straight line path when it travels from one med to another.
12.A unit of pressure
15.A unit of heat
18.The point of maximum negative displacement on a transverse wave.

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