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One-Point Perspective

Ms. Hetrick

Word Bank
horizon line, vanishing point, convergence line, edge, recede, center, parallel, diagonal, perspective, overlapping shapes, diminishing scale, true shape, converge, space, linear, light

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1.a line drawn from corner to corner of a rectangle or quadrilateral
7.found by drawing two diagonals in a rectangle or quadrilateral
8.what surfaces that travel away from the viewer appear to do
9.the element of art we are most concerned with when we are working in perspective
10.a drawing method that shows how objects appear to get smaller as they get farther away
12.one of many techniques used to create the illusion of space on a two dimensional surface
14.the place on the horizon line where the convergence lines meet
15.indicates eye level
16.how surfaces that face the viewer are drawn
2.one of many techniques used to create the illusion of space on a two dimensional surface
3.how convergence or construction lines should be drawn
4.how the near and far edge of the roof are drawn
5.the lines drawn to indicate how
6.to move away from the viewer
11.having to do with lines
13.where two surfaces of a building or other geometric structure meet

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