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Chemistry and Measurement

Joel Villamater

  3       4
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8               9           10
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47             48        

3.one of several different homogeneous materials present in the portion of matter under study
5.other term for homogeneous mixture
8.a change in the form of matter but not in its chemical identity
9.a tested explanation of basic natural phenomena
15.a pure compound, whatever its source, always contains ___ or constant proportions of the elements by mass
16.the procedure of dropping nonsignificant digits in a calculation result and adjusting the last digit reported
17.the quantity of matter in a material
19.a unit of volume equal to a cubic decimeter (equal to approximately one quart)
20.a substance that cannot be decomposed by any chemical reaction into simpler substances.
24.a definite group of atoms that are chemically bonded together—that is, tightly connected by attractive forces
26.a material that can be separated by physical means into two or more substances
27.the SI base unit for mass; equal to about 2.2 pounds
28.the SI base unit of time
29.the closeness of the set of values obtained from identical measurements of a quantity
30.a mixture that is uniform in its properties throughout given samples.
33.law of ___ of mass - the total mass remains constant during a chemical change (chemical reaction)
34.a tentative explanation of some regularity of nature
36.a non-SI unit of length
38.a change in which one or more kinds of matter are transformed into a new kind of matter or several new kinds of matter
39.the form of matter characterized by rigidity
40.an electrically neutral gas of ions and electrons
43.a characteristic of a material involving its chemical change
45.a particular choice of metric units that was adopted by the General Conference of Weights and Measures in 1960
46.the SI base unit of length
47.___ figures - those digits in a measured number (or in the result of a calculation with measured numbers) that include all certain digits plus a final digit having some uncertainty
49.the SI base unit of temperature; a unit on the absolute temperature scale
50.a unit ___ by combining SI base units
1.a fixed standard of measurement
2.the SI units of measurement from which all others can be derived
4.a number that arises when you count items or sometimes when you define a unit
6.scientific ___ - the representation of a number in the form A x 10 to the n power, where A is a number with a single nonzero digit to the left of the decimal point and n is an integer, or whole number
7.a characteristic that can be observed for a material without changing its chemical identity
10.the form of matter that is an easily compressible fluid
11.an observation of natural phenomena carried out in a controlled manner so that the results can be duplicated and rational conclusions obtained
12.other term for chemical change (2 Words)
13.an extremely small particle of matter that retains its identity during chemical reactions
14.a ___ used in the International System to indicate a power of 10
18.the closeness of a single measurement to its true value
21.a mixture that consists of physically distinct parts, each with different properties
22.a substance composed of two or more elements chemically combined
23.___ analysis - the method of calculation in which one carries along the units for quantities (factor-label method)
25.a kind of matter that cannot be separated into other kinds of matter by any physical process
31.often the first step in the scientific method
32.the temperature scale in general scientific use. There are exactly 100 units between the freezing point and the normal boiling point of water
35.a factor equal to 1 that converts a quantity expressed in one unit to a quantity expressed in another unit
37.all of the objects around you; whatever occupies space and can be perceived by our senses.
41.a concise statement or mathematical equation about a fundamental relationship or regularity of nature
42.the mass per unit volume of a substance or solution
44.the form of matter that is a relatively incompressible fluid
48.a dispersion of particles of one substance (the dispersed phase) throughout another substance or solution (the continuous phase).

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