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Edward Negondeni

The beauty of Mathematics

4 5   6 7
8               9    
      10                 11
  13                       14  
  16   17              
19                   20 21  
22         23            
25       26                
28                           29            

3.Nine less than twenty
8.Repeated subtraction is also the same as __________
10.The top number of a fraction
13.The bottom number of a fraction
15.One squared
17.The answer in division
19.The answer in subtraction
22.This number squared equals twenty-five
23.Sixty of these make a minute
25.Seven of these make a week
26.Twelve o'clock in the early hours of the morning
28.One who teaches or is an expert in Maths
29.The answer found when multiplying numbers
1.Twelve o'clock midday
2.One thousand years
4.The _______ hand of the analogue clock is longer.
5.This number cubed equals two hunderd and sixteen.
6.One cubed
7.Part of a whole
9.Repeated addition is also the same as__________
11.Sixty of these make an hour
12.A quarter times by four
14.Fifty-two of these make a year
15.Half times by two
16.In an analogue clock the _____ hand is shorter.
18.Three hundred and sixty-five of these make a year
19.The period of ten years
20.The period of hundred years or hundred runs scored in cricket match
21.Two squared
24.Two cubed
27.An answer we find when adding numbers

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