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Astronomy and the solar system crossword 2

Khanfri Mouna

Word Bank
asteroid, astronaut, astronomers, astronomy, atmosphere, comet, constellations, crater, Earth, galaxy, gravity, jupiter, Mars, Mercury, meteor, meteorite, Neptune, orbit, planet, Pluto, satellite, Saturn, solar system, Sun, universe, uranus, Venus, Asteroid belt, Moon, revolve, black hole, Terrestrial planets, Gas Giants, farther, Milky way

1 2
3                 4      
5   6  
7     8                 9        
11           12              
13     14  
      15                   16
18                             19
      20 21          
  22 23                  
      24 25               26  
  30               31    

3.An object whose gravity is so strong that nothing can escape. (2 Words)
4.object taht revolves around a planet.
7.consists of the sun, planets,dwarf planets, moons, an astroid belt, comets,meteors and other objects. (2 Words)
9.Third planet from the sun .
10.is between Mars and Jupiter. (2 Words)
11.is a dwarf planet that is usually the farthest planet from the sun.it is smaller than the 8 planets
12.the galaxy containing teh solar system, consists of millions of stars that can be seen as a diffuse band of light stretching across teh night sky (2 Words)
15.all of the gases which surround a star or planet.
17.is a red planet and the fourth planet from the Sun.
18.are groups of stars.some are named for the zodiac signs,others are named after characters in mythodology.
21.has entered the Earth's atmosphere,usually making a fiery trail as it falls.
22.the invisible force between objects .It makes them attract to each other.
24.a large massive planet such as (Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) that is composed mainly of hydroge and helium. (2 Words)
27.is the second planet from the sun.It is the hottest planet.
29.sixth planet from the sun.The gas giant has large beautiful rings.
30.is the planet closest to the sun
31.the center of outer solar system.
32.a hole caused by an object hitting teh surface of a planet or moon.
33.the huge space which contains all of the matter and energy in existence.
34.fifth planet from the sun.the gas giant is the largest planet.
1.the four planets closest to teh sun. (2 Words)
2.a big ball of dirty ice and snow in outer space that orbits the sun.
5.a person who travels in space.
6.a giant collection of gas,dust and millions or billions of stars.
8.scientists who study astronomy
13.the study of planets, stars, and galaxies and anything that occurs outside the Earth'satmosphere.
14.an object that moves around a larger object.A natural satellite is the moon and a man-made satellite is the Hubble Space Telescope.
16.the path followed by an object in space as it goes around another object.
19.is a gas giant and is the 7th planet from the sun
20.any large body that revolves around the sun and reflects the sun'ss light.
21.has fallen to Earth
23.to go around
25.a rocky space object that orbits the sun
26.is a large gas giant and is usually the 8th planet from the Sun.
28.at a greater distance.

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