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2         3 4
5 6   7    
  8               9        
12             13               14                    
  15                 16      
  17   18                     19
      21     22  
    23           24                      
  27               28   29    
30       31                        
35                     36          
  37                     38  
39     40  
41             42                     43  
  44         45           46       47
          48                 49  
52                         53          
55                   56                  
  57             58            

2.Size as measured against a standard reference
8.Determine the degree of artistic merit
10.A period of time during which a single family provided a succession of rulers
12.Identical motifs and equal amounts of space between them
13.Works which actually move in space
14.Old Stone Age
15.Two-dimensional decorative repetition
18.Deviations from expected or normal proportions
20.Equalizing visual forces or elements in a work of art
23.A long roll of parchment or silk
24.An organized approach for studying a work of art (2 Words)
25.Sumerian writing system
26.Designed a house OVER a waterfall (3 Words)
27.A balance of unlike objects
31.Introduction of a second motif or changing placement of a motif
32.Borrowed subject matter from the art of Greece and Rome
33.A unit repeated in rhythm
34.A master of distorting proportion to express an idea (2 Words)
35.Behaviors and ideas of a group of people
36.Indicates movement by repetition
37.Found its subjects in the dramatic and cultures foreign to Europe
41.The principle of art concerned with difference or contrast
42.The point of balance, also called the line of symmetry (2 Words)
44.Attracts the attention of the viewer (2 Words)
48.Prehistoric period stretching from 7000 BC to 2000 BC
50.Expresses free, graceful movement, playful use of line, and delicate colors
51.How the principles of art are used to organize the art elements
52.Tall posts carved and painted with animal symbols (2 Words)
53.Elements of a design come out of a central point
54.The study of the nature and value of art
55.Stepped mountains made of brick-covered earth
56.Stone coffins
57.Emphasizes dramatic lighting, movement and emotional intensity
58.An artwork onto which materials such as textured paper and fabric are attached
1.A tower several stories high
3.Large monuments created rom huge slabs of stone
4.Using an image to represent something else
5.Muslim place of worship
6.A group of artists attempting to control the way viewers looked at works of art
7.Making prints by carving images in wood (2 Words)
9.Two halves of a composition are mirror images
11.Creates unity by stressing the similarities of related parts
15.Egyptian rulers
16.Explain or tell the meaning or mood of the artwork
17.Name given to the period at the end of the Middle Ages, re-awakening
19.A graphic system that creates the illusion of depth and volume on a flat surface
21.Developed linear perspective
22.Rhythm received through one's eyes (2 Words)
26.To shorten an object to make it look as though it extends back in space
28.Oral historians who are also musicians and performers
29.The quality of wholeness or oneness
30.A list of all the things you see in an artwork
38.Churches that seemed to soar upward, used pointed arches and stained glass
39.A motif repeated in no apparent order
40.Artist dedicated to depicting the labors of the Mexican peasants (2 Words)
43.Makes one part of a work dominant over the other parts
45.Concerned with the size relationship of one part to another
46.Buildings of massive size
47.Beehive-shaped domed places of worship
49.Features rich colors and heavily outlined figures that appear flat

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