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Algebra Vocabulary

Spencer Jules

1 2     3 4
5       6
  7             8    
14     15

2.How to simplify an equation; first, outer, inner, last
7.The vertical line going through (0,0) and is used for reference
9.The equation of a parabola
10.A polynomial with only one term
11.A number's distance from 0
12.A number that multiplies the variable
13.A set of terms that has no stated equivalent value
16.Where an equation goes through the X-Axis
17.A number that, when squared, is still a whole number
18.A set of points that make an equation true
19.A symbol for a number we don't yet know or must substitute in
1.The horizontal line going through (0,0) and is used for reference
3.The equation of a line
4.An expression that can have any number of terms (not infinite)
5.A set of terms that has the same value as something else
6.Where an equation goes through the Y-Axis
8.A sequence formed by adding a constant
13.A set of terms that is greater or less than another
14.A number that can go into another number
15.A graph that looks like a U or an upside-down U

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