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Theatre Terms

Mrs. Flores

Word Bank
company, director, equity, costumer, stage manager, backstage, box office, broadway, control booth, house, riser, set, act, act, ad lib, audition, exit, dress rehearsal, props, off book, timing, wardrobe

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2.the person in charge of the costumes for a show
3.used to describe the audience
6.a stage direction telling an actor to leave the stage
7.when the director tells the cast that they must memorize their lines and can no longer use their scripts for rehearsal
9.the cast and crew of a show and any other staff who work on the show
10.a time when an actor goes before a group of people who are casting a play to show those people what he can do
11.the person who runs the show from opening curtain to closing curtain and is in charge of everything on the stage and in the back of the stage
15.when an actor has the ability to say or do something at the best moment for the most effect
19.the person who provides the vision of how a show should be presented, who works with the actors on their roles, develops the blocking, and is in charge of the rehearsals
21.a rehearsal, usually just before a show opens, to practice the show just how it will be on opening night
22.the stock of costumes and accessories which are owned by a theater group
1.the place that sells tickets to a performance
4.trade union formed to protect those who work in the theater by helping to regulate pay and working conditions
5.the largest and most famous theatrical district in New York City
8.the place in a theater from which all the sound and lights are controlled
12.to make up as you go without preparation
13.the main sections of a play
14.the part of a theater which is not seen by the audience, including the dressing rooms, wings, and green room
16.all the items used in a play to tell the story not including the scenery or costumes
17.the thing which actors can do
18.a platform placed on stage to create different levels
20.the setting of the stage for each act and all the physical things that are used to change the stage for the performance

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