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Mr. Fasone

Review for Final Exam

1 2           3        
4     5 6
7 8           9       10     11    
          12           13        
15 16                         17                    
    19                         20    
21                       22              
    23                             24
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    27                 28           29
31                 32 33                          
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36               37            
39                   40    
            41 42      
43     44              
46             47        
48         49   50
  51         52 53            
54                   55     56  

2.whole numbers placed in front of reactants and products to balance the equation
8.The family name of the Group 1 elements
12.a bond formed when electrons are transferred
13.a negative particle that forms when an element gains electrons
16.the lowest possible temperature
17.acids and bases ______ each other when reacted.
18.A scale used to measure the acidity of a solution
19.a form of matter that has one phase
21.negative particles found outside the nucleus
22.The family name of the Group 17 elements
23.opposite of a synthesis reaction
25.protons + neutrons =
27.In Charles's Law, the ____ of a gas is held constant
28.energy of motion ____ energy
31.A + B --> AB is a ____ reaction.
32.number of protons
35.weighted average mass
36.a molecule that has an uneven distribution of electrons
37.completely ionizes releasing all of its hydroxide ions is a _____ base
39.discovered the nucleus of the atom with his famous gold-foil experiment
41.any element (except H) that is found left of the "zig-zag" line on the Periodic Table is classified as a ___
44.Bases have a ____ feel.
46.an educated guess
53.Any substance that has a pH of 7 is _____
54.in a neutralization reaction ____ and water are always formed
55.PV = nRT is the ______Gas Law
57.a bond form when electrons are shared
58.a substance made of two or more different kinds of atoms joined chemically
59.the element with the highest ionization energy and electronegativity on the Periodic Table
1.a form of matter that has two or more phases
3.name of CaCl2
4.English schoolmaster who developed the Modern Atomic Theory
5.developed the first periodic table of the elements
6.atoms of the same element with different number of neutrons
7.In a ____ reaction, only carbon dioxide, water, and heat are formed in the presence of oxygen
9.12 items = 1 dozen where 6.02 x 10E23 = 1 ____
10.A rule of thumb for the solubility of solutes: "like dissolves _____"
11.to convert from mass to moles, divide the given mass by the ______
14.______ in a number are sometimes significant
15.The family name of the Group 18 elements
20.moles of solute divided by liters of solution
24.anything that has mass and takes up space
26.an electron that absorbs energy and moves up to higher energy levels is said to be in the ____ state
29.1+ is the ___ on a sodium ion.
30.these are never changed when balancing equations
33.average kinetic energy
34.any one of the 18 vertical columns on the Periodic Table
37.solvent + solute =
38.a water molecule has this shape
40.branch of science that studies matter, its composition, structure, and interactions
42.a substance made of one kind of atom; cannot be broken down
43.6.02 x 10E23 is called ____ number
45.Acids react with metals producing ______ gas.
47.s, p, d, and f are called the ______ of the principle energy level
48.the part of the experiment that is not changed
49.the temperature scale withoit negative numbers
50.a positive particle that forms when an element loses electrons
51.any one of the 7 horizontal rows on the Periodic Table
52.positive particles found in the nucleus
56.any substance that releases hydrogen ions into solution

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