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Clacks - Discworld

Kim White

1 2
      6 7
  8   9        
    12   13              

3.Ruthless businessman with a piratical appearance, including an eyepatch and a parrot (actually a cockatoo) (2 Words)
5.Where were the towers seen as an 'Abomination unto Nuggan'?
9.What would this be known as - Yethmarthter@Überwald
10.The clacks system was cracked by ___ at Unseen University
13.The largest clacks tower on the huge hill in Ankh-Morpork (2 Words)
14.What were exceptionally good at sitting and watching the clacks without getting bored.
15.By what name were these three better known as? Mad Al, Sane Alex, and Undecided Adrian who says he's not mad but can't prove it (3 Words)
1.The first floor of a clacks tower
2."Let Nation now Clack unto Nation in Peace and Harmony through Modern Language on Commerce" Which building are these words carved? (4 Words)
4.Typical construction material of a clacks tower
6.Colour of hats worn by the fellows bearing clacks messages (2 Words)
7.Punch cards, nickname
8.City the technology of the clacks developed in (2 Words)
11.Clacks inventor Robert _________
12.Average distance between clacks towers in flat country (miles)

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