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Skinny Puppy

James Nigh

history, etc. of Skinny Puppy.

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6.Video that was banned by MTV and MuchMusic.
8.Which song reached No. 19 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1989?
9.Which video game franchise did Ogre and Walk do some soundtrack work for?
10.Home to Shangri-La
12.To smoke weed and jam.
13.Skinny Puppy did soundtrack work for what major motion picture, titled Optimissed?
15.The name of Dwayne R. Goettel's solo project
16.First label
18."Track 10 is missing" due to legal troubles with whose samples?
19.What city were Key and Ogre arrested at for "disorderly conduct" at a 1988 concert (people thought Ogre was doing a real vivisection)?
20.City where SP was formed
1.Title of first ALBUM
2.Member not with us anymore (RIP)
3.cEvin Key was the drummer for this band before Skinny Puppy - Images in _____
4.Title of first EP
5.What grunge label did Church In Hell appear on a compilation on?
7.Both the founding members real first names
9.Side project formed by cEvin and Mark Spybey
11.The band appeared together in a movie - called "Doom __________"
12.Ogre has covered what Madonna song?
14.Shorthand name for the facility where the US government used Skinny Puppy's music to torture people
17.Original name for Ogre's side project, Rx, that was changed for legal reasons

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