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What is All the Stuff in a Mine?

Mr. Hoffman

This puzzle will help you review the important terms used when discussing underground mining.

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2.The cage or compartment the miners ride in.
3.A horizontal tunnel driven along the mineral vein.
8.The equipment that lowers and raises everything up and down the shaft.
10.12 lb. sledge hammer.
11.The air-powered drill used by miners to drill holes for explosives or bolts.
12.A vertical or inclined passageway driven between levels.
13.The hoist used for men and materials, rather than ore.
15.The area between two levels of the mine where mining occurs. Accessed through a raise.
16.A mix of rock and valuable minerals that can be mined at an economic profit.
17.The elevation of the workings below the shaft, ie. 3700 Level
1.A level, horizontal drift or passage from the surface into a mine.
2.A vertical or inclined opening that starts on the surface and goes into the mine.The primary access to the various levels. May be up to 10,000 feet deep
4.The waste rock that has been through the mill and had the valuable mineral removed.
5.Ore or waste rock that has been broken up by blasting.
6.area of the mining property where ores is broken into smaller and smaller pieces then processesd to remove the valuable minerals
7.The host rock for the ore.
9.The area where the skip unloads at each level of the mine. Usually includesstorage areas for supplies and equipment. The miners gather here at the end of the shift to wait for a ride to the surface.
10.The clothes a miner wears underground.
12.The rock or ore removed in one blast.
13.The compartment the men ride in, inside the shaft
14.The entrance to the mine at the surface.
18.The mineralized zone that is clearly separated from the host rock.

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