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Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Patricia Staley

This is a puzzle that helps develop a sound understanding of the novel.

  2 3
4 5                               6 7
9 10                            
11       12  
18 19                          
20             21 22
      23 24       25  
        26   27      
  28     29          
30                   31       32  
35                 36        
38         39          

5.What was Shmuel doing in the kitchen?
8.What was found when Bruno vanished
10.What book was Bruno reading?
13.Who did Bruno consider mad?
14.What symbol was on Shmuel’s armband?
15.How many levels is their new house?
16.This is the reason mother gave for drinking sherries
19.Bruno calls Gretel this
20.Shmuel does not think any soldiers can be this
24.What is the name of Hitler’s lady friend?
27.What was Bruno’s house in Berlin called?
29.How many languages does Shmuel’s mother speak?
30.Bruno’s teacher at Auschwitz
31.What was found in Bruno and Gretel’s hair?
33.Who was not the type of person to give a hug?
35.What did Bruno love about his old house
36.Gretel thinks the children are dirty because they have never had one
38.What month was Bruno’s birthday
39.Who said “We should never have let the Fury come to dinner?
40.The name of one of Gretel’s friends
41.Shmuel wanted help to find this person
1.Where does Shmuel come from?
2.Who did Bruno find going through his things?
3.Bruno and Gretel are not allowed here
4.What shape did Bruno’s mouth make when he was surprised?
6.What did Shmuel have to where whenever he left the house?
7.What colour was Kotler’s hair?
8.What was Martin’s father’s job?
9.How did Bruno die?
10.How old is Gretel?
11.What is Karl’s father’s job?
12.Grandmother’s name
17.Is the German salute
18.What did Bruno like best about Grandmother’s shows
21.What did Pavel spill on Kotler?
22.One of Bruno’s best friends for life
23.Where does Shmuel want to work when he grows up?
25.What was Pavel before he peeled vegies?
26.How many floors did the Berlin house have?
28.Where did Bruno live?
32.How much older than Bruno was Gretel?
33.Bruno was like Shmuel only…
34.Maria scolded Bruno for calling his father this
37.What is Bruno scared of in Gretel’s room?

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