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MoAD Portraits and Other Likenesses From SFMOMA

Museum of the African Diaspora

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7."Forever Free" by Sargent Johnson is made primarily of _____.
8."Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman" is about Mikalene Thomas's _____.
9.What holds up the Chris Ofili painting "Princess of the Posse"?
10.What is the name of the triple image by Lorna Simpson, which also uses the words "necklace" and "breakneck", among others?
12.What do the pieces "Three Men" by Romare Bearden and "The Wedding Portrait" by Njideka Akunyili Crosby have in common?
14.____ _____ painted the enormous portrait entitled "Alexander the Great" in the style of European Renaissance Masters.
16.David Hammond's sculpture "Putting on Sunday Manners" incorporates a ____ to create the effect of a tie dangling below a mask.
1.Nick Cave created his first ____ after the Rodney King beating in 1991.
2._____ lamps light the path to glory in the piece "Boneyard, from the Sea Islands" by Carrie Mae Weems.
3.The fabric used in "The Gay Victorians" is _____ wax cloth.
4.The photo of the car by Deana Lawson is called "___ South".
5.Nicole Miller's "Untitled", playing in the Freedom Theater, is a portrait of ____ ____.
6.Wifredo Lam depicts Chango, the god of thunder in the ____ religion.
11.Mildred Howard's 1924 is made of steel and glass ____.
13.Njideka Akunyili Crosby describes herself as ____ in the title of her self-portrait.
15.There is a ____ on the floor in Robert Colescott's painting "Colored TV".
17.Paula Santiago's piece "De la Serie Quitapesares 1" is made from rice paper, wax, blood and ____.

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