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Northern Lights

1 2 3
4 5             6        
        7 8    
9               10  
      11   12        
13   14 15                  
17     18            
    19   20  
21               22   23
            24                 25 26        
27                   28   29   30
  31             32          
33           34              
    36     37   38                
    39   40      
  41               42   43       44      
46               47          
  48       49   50    
      51 52             53            
              54     55  
  58             59        

5.A guard, especially a soldier posted to prevent unauthorised persons
6.An artificial waterway
7.A raised platform as in a hall
9.Seeking or pursuing something
12.Lap at the front of a coat
15.The state or quality of being equal
16.A place to live in
18.Used for hanging people
21.Each character in Northern Lights has one of these
24.A person considered to be uncivilised
25.A vehicle often drawn by animals
27.The customs and rules governing behaviour
31.A shabbily clothed, dirty child
34.A vessel for decanting, especially wine
35.Relating to the sky or physical universe
37.A marking, such as the wording on a coin or monument
41.A connection based on similar goals
43.A small spire on a roof
45.A house made from blocks of snow
47.A person employed to carry things
51.Inflated rubber bag, often seen at parties
53.A cleric in charge of a parish
54.Large parrot
56.A member of the clergy attached to a chapel
57.A man whose spouse has died
58.A predetermined course of events
59.A structure which projects into a body of water
1.A weasel native to northern regions
2.A learned person
3.Mutual hatred
4.Dirty or deteriorated
8.To unite or connect with others
10.A large marine animal
13.Freedom from sin, wrong doing or guilt
14.The act or state of holding unreasonable, preconceives judgments
17.A woman whose spouse has died
19.Sluggish and lethargic
20.Starts life as a caterpillar
22.A set of beliefs, values and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader
23.The quality or condition of beings friends
26.A pair of glasses with a short handle
28.Emitting light, especially in the dark
29.A person who looks after the property of someone else
30.Lasting a long time
32.An entrance hall
33.Motivated solely by a desire for money
35.A cross
36.An underground cemetry
38.Scornful or mocking
39.A short, heavy club
40.Rigid airship
42.Compliant - especially in religion
44.A luminous atmospheric phenomenen
46.A wall bracket for holding candles
48.An underground vault or chamber, especially used for burial
49.The state of mind which enable you to face danger
50.The art of public speaking
52.Metal defensive covering
55.A church that was once part of a convent or monastery

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