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Transformations Vocabulary

Greisy W Landman

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2.Figure with infinite symmetry lines.
4.Rigid motion.
6.Triangle with no symmetry line
7.Corresponding segments in a dilation.
8.Subset of a line with exactly two lines of symmetry.
9.Quadrilateral with three symmetry lines.
11.Glides do not preserve ...
13.Quadrilateral with two perpendicular lines of symmetry.
14.Figure with infinite symmetry points.
15.Similarities preserve ...
21.Line of symmetry of an angle.
22.Corresponding figures in a rigid motion.
25.Composition of two reflections with perpendicular axes.
26.Quadrilateral with a symmetry line that includes a diagonal.
27.Transformation with exactly one fixed point.
28.Composition of a rigid motion and a dilation.
29.A reflection is determined by a(n) ...
30.Subset of a line with exactly one line of symmetry.
31.Rigid motion - different from the identity - with infinite fixed points.
32.Triangle with a symmetry line.
1.A translation is determined by a(n) ...
2.Corresponding lines in a half-turn.
3.Triangle with a symmetry point.
4.Rigid motion with three non-collinear fixed points.
5.A rotation is determined by an angle and a(n) ...
7.Quadrilateral with a symmetry point.
10.Corresponding lines in a rotation of 90 degrees.
12.Ratio of corresponding segments in a dilation.
13.Pentagon with five lines of symmetry.
16.Rigid motion with NO fixed point.
17.Composition of two reflections with parallel axes.
18.Quadrilateral with two symmetry lines; none of them includes a diagonal
19.Symmetry point of a segment.
20.Rigid motion with exactly one fixed point.
23.Rigid motions preserve ...
24.Corresponding shapes in a dilation.

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