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Greek Mythology

Mrs. Stausing

1 2 3
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34             35      

4.goddess of love and beauty
7.the river of forgetfulness
8.fairyman of the underworld
10.as he entered the battlefield discord, strife, terror and others would follow
13.the lame and ugle god married to Aphrodite
16.had enchanting voices that lured sailors to their deaths
18.Hera gave birth to him alone
20.olive tree was hers
21.goddess of wild things; huntress
24.goddess of war
25.his bird the eagle
28.his tree oak
29.goddess of marriage
31.half man; half horse
33.where all the dead pass as soon as they die
34.laurel was his tree; animals were dolphin and crow
36.bull and horses were his animals
37.god of light and truth
38.the river of unbreakable oath
39.twin to Apollo
40.ask this god a question and he will never lie
1.god of the underworld
2.god of war
3.god of fire
5.cow and peacock were scred to her
6.wife of Zeus
9.god of wealth
11.medusa was their sister; there were 3
12.goddess of home and hearth
14.the deeper division of the underworld
15.has winged sandals
17.married to Hephaestus
18.god of travel; commerce; he was the messenger of Zeus
19.the dove and the swan were her birds
20.owl was her bird
22.his oracle was Dodona
23.she sprung forth from Zeus' head
26.lord of the sky
27.carried the trident in his hand
28.married to Hera
30.Artemis' twin
31.the three headed watch dog of Hades
32.a virgin goddess but isn't mentioned in any story we read
35.married to Persephone
36.god of the sea
37.his bird the vulture

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