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Chapter 3

Mrs. Neet

Complete the following puzzle using vocab words found in your notes

2         3 4          
    5   6
    11           12  
13 14 15                              
      18 19      
20                             21

2.Plot is highly contrived and relies on physical actions and devious twist, use of stock characters, and coincidence or fate play a large part in outcome
4.Makes us laugh at ourselves and our institutions, taking them less seriously; shows the deviations from the norm
7.A play whose humor directly involves the actions and eccentricities of the central character
8.A serious and somber play in which the protagonist struggle against overwhelming odds and is defeated by them
9.A distinctive manner of expression
10.A style in which the designer and director determine what they wish to emphasize most and apply this element to the setting; the style deals with the design exclusive of the script
11.A way of classifying plays into types
15.A comedy whose humor derives from placing central characters in a comedy in unusual situations
17.Including in the setting only those elements that are necessary to the action of a play
20.A broad category of theatrical style that is audience-centered; the actors, director and designer make open acknowledgement of the audience
22.Originally dealt with, musical accompaniments that indicate change in mood/ pace, now refers to a play with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotions
23.A type of low comedy that relies on beatings, accidents, and vulgarity for its humor
24.Humor that relies on physical actions
1.The combination of comedic and tragic elements in one play
3.Using the physical appearance of the stage rather than a designed set; using only what is necessary
4.A play that deals with the foibles or amoral characteristics of the upper class
5.A broad category of style that is stage-centered; the actors make no acknowledgement of the audience, but try to duplicate life
6.A style that presents the inner reality of the major character; the audience witnesses the workings of the character’s mind
12.A comedy whose humor lies in the complications the hero and heroine face in their love for each other
13.A treatment of a play in which audience members are constantly reminded that they are in a theatre; the fourth wall is broken down, and the audience uses its imagination in the matter of setting
14.A style that attempts to present life as it is, but selectively; not all details are presented– only those that are essential for that audience's understanding of the play and for the establishment of the mood
16.A style characterized by freedom, gracefulness, and a belief in humankind’s basic good
18.A theatrical style that attempts to duplicate life, or, in effect, to transfer actual life to the stage
19.Making fun of people or institutions for the purpose of social reform
21.A style that presents life in terms of allegory; it depicts subjective or internal reality, determined by the playwright

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