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Tools and materials Floral Design


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6 7            
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1.florists knives should be kept________
3.composed of several needles attached to a heavy base
7.the diameter of a piece of wire
8.floral tape does not become sticky until it is ___________
9.corsages and boutioneres are kept in these after they are made
12.where flowers are kept before they are sold
14.emitted by ripe fruit which causes flowers to mature rapidly
17.usually selected by florists because they are inexpensive
19.used to secure accessories or lengthen artificial flower stems
20.a container must be able to hold this for fresh flowers
22.used to cut heavy branches or stems
25.accessory that comes in sizes ranging 1 to 40
26.design mechanics should not be ___________
27.mecanic used to secure moss to foam
29.the _________ the guage the larger the diameter of the wire
30.used to secure floral foam to the container
32.when cutting stems of flowers do not __________ them
33.Used to cover stems and wire in corsage construction
34.used for dry or silk flower arrangements
35.decorative items added to the arrangement
2.flower stems should be cut at an __________
4.utility containers are normally this color
5.it is best to cut flower stems ________ __________
6.used to secure a corsage to clothing
9.sometimes used as stem support material for large heavy stems.
10.addded to water to prolong the life of a flower
11.A variety of devices to secure a floral arrangement
13.designed to hold a single fresh flower
15.melted plastic used to secure foam to a container
16.upright container used to hold flowers
18.adhesive tape placed over the top of a container to hold flowers in place
19.used to replace or support stems
21.used to cut wire
23.used to trim stems of flowers
24.Most popular stem support material
28.used for cutting ribbon, foil, and paper
31.never keep ________ in the floral cooler

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