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Reasoning and Proof

Mrs. Hunt

Logical Reasoning in Geometry

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1.reasoning logically from statements to reach conclusion
3.a point that divides a segment into two congruent segments
5.basing your conclusions on patterns you observe
7.the part following the "if"
8.angle measure between 0 and 90
11.if A is congruent to B, and B is congruent to C, then A is congruent to C
12.if angle A is congruent to angle B, then angle B is congruent to angle A
14.when a conditional and its converse are true you can wite them as a single true statement
16.figures in the same plane
2.an example for which the conjecture is incorrect
4.an accepted statement of fact
6.a statement you prove
9.the part following the "then"
10.an if-then statement
13.switching the hypothesis and conclusion
15.angle measure between 90 and 180

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