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Algebraic Equations, and Inequalities

Carol Hunt

1 2 3            
  5                     6
9                       10              
11                         12      
14                           15
17   18                      
20               21                    

2.replace the expression with the simplest name for its value
4.vertical number line
5.a number that multiplies a variable
8.distance from zero on the number line
9.changing order
10.replace each variable with a number
11.combines multiplication with addition and subtraction
12.a number or the product of a number and variables
14.coordinates that locate a point
16.a mathematical sentence that uses a less than, greater than, or does not equal sign
18.changing grouping
19.undo another operation
20.a mathematical sentence with an equal sign
21.one following right after the other
22.where the y and x axis intersect
1.horizontal number line
3.the whole numbers and their opposites
5.an example that proves a statement is false
6.letter that stands for a number
7.conclusions based on patterns you observe
13.the four sections of the coordinate plane
15.conclusion reached by inductive reasoning
17.a term that has no variable

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