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Your First Vocabulary Quiz is Wednesday!

Howard-Knight Block 1A & 3A

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1.voting, running for office are examples of
3.a fundamental principle of traditional democratic theory. In a democracy, choosing among alternatives requires that the majority's desire be respected
5.the effects a policy has on people and problems. Impacts are analyzed to see how well a policy has met its goal and at what cost
8.a theory of American democracy contendinng that groups are so strong that government, which gives in to the many different groups, is thereby weakened
9.a basic principle of traditional democratic theory that describes the relationship between the few leaders and the many followers
11.the process by which policy comes into being and evolves. People's interests, problems, and concerns create political issues for government policymakers. These issues shape policy, which in turn impacts people, generating more interests, problems, and concerns
13.the process determining the leaders we select and the policies they pursue
14.an issue that arises when people disagree about a problem and how to fix it
16.an overall set of values widely shared within a society
17.institutions through which public policies are made for a society
18.parties, elections, interest groups, and the media-transmit Americans' preferences to the policymakers in government
19.the wealth and upper class hoolds the powerr and makes policy, regardless of the formal governmental organization
1.a condition that occurs when interests conflict and no coalition is strong enough to form a majority and establish policy, so nothing gets done
2.The branches of government charged with taking action on political issues. The U.S. Constitution established three policymaking institutions-Congress, the presidency, and the courts. Today, the power of the bueraucracy is so great that most political scientists consider it a fourth policymaking institution
4.a system of selecting policymakers and of organizing government so that policy represents and responds to the public preferences
6.Pro-Choice and Pro-Life are examples of this group
7.goods and services, such as clean air and clean water, that by their nature cannot be denied to anyone
10.the issues that attract the serious attention of public officials and other people actively involved in politics at a given time
12.a principle of traditional democratic theory that guarantees rights to those who do not belong to majorities
15.states that groups with shared interests influence public policy by pressing their concerns through organized efforts

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